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« Iraq, the cradle of civilisation and the modernity of natural resources »

Iraq, in particular, has been the theatre of various wars and terrorism episodes but has recently succeeded in freeing itself  from any conflicts, and is now ready to endeavour its reconsctruction at all levels.

Iraq has a long-standing relationship with the United Kingdom who has always been deeply involved in the Middle East.

As of today, the United Kingdom has dedicated 10 billion pounds to fund infrastructure projects to assist the reconstruction of Iraq.

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Alsandross Group provides its expertise  in oil and gas related activities, industrial, commodities and financial projects , nested in the heart of Middle East, where strategy, know how and deep roots are keys to success and prosperity.

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Alsandross Group has been developing oil and gas activities, as well as promoting industrial projects, with a focus on producing different gases for the industry, water, treatment, geothermal energy and power plants.

Our partners

Alsandross Group is committed to develop its activities through strong long lasting relationships with its partners. We believe in the strong ties we have developed for many years with other companies. We aim at stimulating local activities through our projects by creating employment, developing skills and building infrastructure by working with local suppliers and contractors.

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Alsandross Group has built a team of of highly dedicated professionals, with entrepreneurial spirit,  whose approach contributes to  the growth of our company. Their involvement and their well being is key to our success.