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Projects and realisations

Our company focuses, in particular,  on oil and gas projects, water treatment, industrial projects, electricity development projects as well as financial services.

We also collaborate on different projects by facilitating the integration of foreign companies in the region given the entrusted relations our counsellors have with the Federal, Regional and Tribal leaders.

Our aim is to contribute to the expansion of the country in the following areas :

Oil & Gas

Our services offers an array of well planning services for every type of well including straight hole corrections, horizontals, S-Shape, C-Shape, build and hold, turn-a-zontals, negative vertical section pro les, and extended reach wells (ERD). From multi-well o shore platforms to land based horizontal pad wells, we can provide services customised to suit your needs.

Water treatments

Water treatment stations is the next infrastructure project to be implemented in Iraq, and more specifically in Basra province. Being the centre of oil largest reserves, 70% of all the country reserves, it is vital to reconstruct water stations, especially at Shatt Al Arab river whose water is salty and needs special desalinisation treatment to be used for the population of the Province.

Veolia has expressed interest in implementing this project, amongst others in the country, and Alsandross Group is proud to collaborate with It as a consultant and a facilitator.

Electricity projects

Electricity power plant stations is the next infrastructure project to be implemented in Iraq and more specifically in the west area of the country with a particular focus on Mosul.

Alsandross group is proud to collaborate with the Ministry of Electricity to provide a full study on the implementation of a Geothermal power station in the west area of Iraq.

We are also preparing full studies on a desalination and Hybrid power plant station (gas and solar panels), as well as a solar panels power plant.

In cooperation with a French company, we are importing to Iraq a very specific and unique set of additive products to enhance the functioning of any engine, reduce their maintenance costs and reduce their consumption.

Industrial projects

Al Mansoor project with Al Zawra belonging to the Industrial Ministry

Implementation of a site producing liquid Nitrogen, for refineries, oxygen for pharmaceutical manufacturing, ultra high purity gases such as helium and/or argon for research laboratories, non treated water, distilled water.


Financial & consulting services

Alsandross Group is counseling and advising companies wishing to establish themselves in Iraq. We are structuring their visibility studies thanks to our residing experts, such as Dr Hafid K. Al Daffae, Dr Osama A. Hammadi Al Hiti, Dr  Ali Al Fikakie and Mr Asaad Al Jawhar, Chartered accountant.